As Seen On TV Futuristic Phone Gadgets Tested

We put a bunch of As Seen On TV Phone Gadgets to the test! Want to turn your Android into a STUD FINDER? Your car charger into a car locator? What about turning ANYTHING into a mobile speaker? Let’s find out if these products really work!
↓ Product List Below ↓
• ROCK-IT 3.0:
• ZUS Car Tracker/Charger:
Serious Business Inquiries Only:



36 thoughts on “As Seen On TV Futuristic Phone Gadgets Tested”

  1. I actually used to have a normal little bluetooth speaker that acted similar to that vibrating one. Pressing it against my glass of my shower would cause the entire pane to vibrate and act like a speaker. Maybe you should try put that one on a window too?

  2. 49.99% of comments: "LA crocs??"
    49.99% of comments: "Let us hear the speaker!!"
    0.02% of comments: "Sometimes I get naked, cover myself in vaseline, and pretend I'm a giant slug."

  3. lol just take their word for it if he is talking over the speaker. idk but i could plainly hear the differnece between on the bag and off the bag so if that isnt selling enough for you than you are a picky 5 dollar speaker buyer 😂

  4. I like how even though he talked over the speaker bit so you couldn't hear it well.. IT WON'T MATTER! IT IS A VIDEO THAT CAN BE EDITED SO THE SOUNDS CAN BE BETTER OR WORSE! Literally, do not trust a simple video for sounds like that people

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