Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Black Shark 2 Pro – Gaming Beast Showdown!

Here it is! My first big showdown between the Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Black Shark 2 Pro! Here I go down the typical versus list, but stay tuned for my EPIC PUBG Mobile showdown in the 2nd half! Which of these gaming beasts will reign supreme? Stay tuned for more epic showdowns between these two! One may win this battle, but who will win the war? #ROGPhone2 #Blackshark2Pro #Asus #Blackshark #Frankietech

Time codes for the video:
1:25 – Design
2:59 – Display
4:41 – Youtube Playback
5:14 – DRM Info
5:39 – Performance/Geekbench
6:24 – Battery
7:09 – UI & Interface
8:04 – Audio/Speaker
9:38 – Camera
12:08 – PUBG Showdown! (Graphic Settings)
13:41 – PUBG Gameplay
19:09 – Final Verdict

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49 thoughts on “Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Black Shark 2 Pro – Gaming Beast Showdown!”

  1. That pinkish tint is still obvious here. All videos I saw shows the same tint. Can you you update us showing the various display settings on your next video? I am wondering if tweaking some settings can lessen or get rid of the pink tint. Awesome video by the way! Cheers!

  2. Yo Frankie, I j ust subed your channel, thank you for this great review ! Definitely wanted to buy the rog phone 2 but at last when you said it's boiling I just lost my interest. Cuz I got same problem with OP7 at extreme graphics .
    Btw, what is the difference between the tencent version and the global version in term of specs or other components, and can you purchase the tencent version online 😀
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  3. I choose the Asus Rog Phone 2 for his Headphone jack, 120hz display, dual stereo speaker, 6.5inch display and the snapdragon 855+, damage it lack the irBlaster

  4. Looking forward to US release of the ASUS ROG Phone 2 – my Razer Phone 2 is solid, but the lack of LDAC/aptX and speakerphone being wonky is a daily driver issue.

    Curious as to battery life impact with that heat.

  5. Bezels are only a problem to the manufactures! People will buy what they like bezels or not! (The new Samsung Note is a hazard for touching) The ROG 2 phone will end up twice the price (plus) of the Black Shark 2 "worldwide" (Certainly in Europe.) Do you get twice the price extra benefits? Not sure about that!

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