Bold N1 – The Flagship Budget Phone

Bold N1 – The Flagship Budget Phone
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25 thoughts on “Bold N1 – The Flagship Budget Phone”

  1. After the Figgers incident

    Can you please tell us:

    Is this a rebranded Xiaomi Phone cause that's what it looks like

    In fact on the unboxing unit that they sent you for Evaluation would you please post the IMEI# so we can do our own research as to whether this another rebranding hoax

    Don't get mad at me Bruh, after the Figgers incident folks have to do their own VERIFICATION when getting Reviews from your channel

    I wish it WASN'T that way but it is

    Don't get mad keep ya head up and keep doing what you do

    Just keeping it real….later

  2. I know this comment is unrelated to this phone I just realized something we've been had by Samsung. They told us something was included in the S 10 that in fact isn't really what they claim it is

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