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Alex and Maribel’s daughter recently died in a car accident. Alex wants Maribel to let him unlock their daughter’s phone because he feels like Maribel is hiding something.

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Caso Cerrado:
Caso Cerrado es conducido por la querida Doctora en leyes Cubana-Americana Ana María Polo. Este programa presenta casos conflictivos y conmovedores entre participantes en litigio, vas a sentirte identificado, querrás tomar partido y ser testigo de la solución y decisión basadas en la verdad y en las evidencias.


Es una división de Empresas y Contenido Hispano de NBCUniversal, liderando la industria en la producción y distribución de contenido en español de alta calidad a través de múltiples plataformas para los hispanos en los EEUU y a audiencias alrededor del mundo. Ofrece producciones originales, películas de cine, noticias y eventos deportivos de primera categoría y es el proveedor de contenido en español número dos mundialmente sindicando contenido a más de 100 países en más de 35 idiomas.


Caso Cerrado | Unlocking Dead Daughter’s Phone | Telemundo English


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  1. Everyone is bashing the mother and I understand why they are (considering the situation) but honestly I see her point of view like if my daughter is a very private person like me I would want to respect her privacy even after her death like I know she’s a minor but she’s still a person..if I died right now I would not want my parents going through my phone..and honestly just think about it, if you found out something bad about them they’re not even there to explain the situation or defend themselves…(this is just for her point that she’s making not for this particular case because of what happened)

  2. Listening to this, I found it strange as soon as the mother said 'yes they gone off together, I don't really know what they do' !!! The mother knew what he was going to do and allowed this monster to rape her daughter !!! The mother is as evil as him, I hope she rots in hell !!!!!!

  3. I said this to my husband that this woman doesn’t want the father to know that something shady went down and I think the mother should rot in prison for life! And this is why fathers should be involved! She said keeps raping me and he mom took his side! Raping implies multiple times and this bitch looked the other way! She was punishing this father for her own sins not his! And using her daughters death to cover her own ass by playing the diligent mother! This man has protected her daughter more in the last 6 months then she did for the last 10 years! Sick bitch! Sick sick bitch my heart breaks for him absolutely breaks for him and if the daughter was driving I think she snapped and killed not just herself but she took this sick fuck with her! When someone drives off a bridge and no other cars were involved and the driver wasn’t impaired the obvious conclusion is that it was intended to be deadly she killed herself and him to the kid gave the confession of a murder suicide on the video! The mother wouldn’t help her and she allowed the raping to continue and so the daughter figured out a way to get back at her mother and make the raping stop and also make sure he never is able to rape again! The police failed this girl the mother failed this girl family failed her the only 3 ppl that didn’t fail her was her father, her best friend and the judge! And this is why both parents should have access to these kids phones laptops do all of it for shit like this! That’s why she didn’t wanna see her father because she was humiliated and she knew he’d see right through it! She was embarrassed to have her father look at her this way even though it would never change the way he loved her she somewhere in her mind knew she saw her as his lil girl and couldn’t bring herself to tell him so she stayed away. This boy is the best friend she ever could of had.

  4. These parents are making a spectacle of their poor daughters life and what privacy she was a 16 year old child! What privacy this mother has a screw loose and something doesn’t sound right here because I’m a mother and I would wanna be lost in everything and anything that I could find of hers and I would want nothing more to see the life in her. And that’s all this man wants to do. She has no right to keep him from that! This is horrible that he’s suing her that kid just died it sounds like they ripped this girl emotionally in two. How horrible they r making a mockery of this young girls death she is just as much his daughter then hers he has every right to the info on the phone. It’s like the mother wants to punish someone for her daughters tragic death and she decided to punish him and use him as a punching bag! He has every right to see the content of the phone!

  5. Here’s how I know these shows are fake (besides the obvious absurdity of the cases and people involved), how do they think a 16 year old girl went somewhere, got into an accident and flew off a bridge, but didnt have her cell phone with her?

  6. For all those mothers that collect men and bring them home where their children should feel safe, if u put your hornyness before the safety of your kids, you should be treated like a bitch you are.

  7. This made me cry .That was babygirl leading her dad to arrest that witch. The friend wanting to help was a blessing. So sad. Some women shouldnt be allowed to birth at all.

  8. Que estúpida! Primero mintió y dijo que no sabia el código para entrar en el teléfono. Después, en lugar de hablar cuando tenia que hablar, cuando su hija estaba viva, aunque la Doctora Polo le advirtió sobre sus derechos, se comprometió ella misma admitiendo que vio el vídeo y que sabia que su marido abusaba de su hija, pero no le creyó! El peor castigo fue el que le ocasiono su propia hija–matarse ella y al maldito marido. Pero merece que pague por no proteger a su hija!

  9. por eso la mama no queria queabrieran el telefono ella sabia del video que pena una niña tan linda,la niña no era reverde es que ese hombre aqueroso la violaba, ese serdo,y la mama tambien era una mala madres como dijo la Dra,, Polo,

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