Essential Phone 2??? New phone from Andy Rubin!

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32 thoughts on “Essential Phone 2??? New phone from Andy Rubin!”

  1. I appreciate this video because am the same way ….I do I want and like to do …not what everyone else is doing ….so yes am following what this essential phone ….never know …we might have the next apple like company in the making ….

  2. I watched this video when you uploaded it but then I seen this phone on the news this month I don’t catch what they were saying about it but this going to be a big deal

  3. The Essential phone has received the latest software updates years later, that’s impressive! Really the only thing missing from that phone was the cameras. If this new phone has great cameras and still going to receive consistent updates, with a new UI, a different design (hardware), this may be a solid phone.

  4. Listen… if we knew everyone's deep dark secrets we would not buy anything from any company I am sure. People quick to judge without facts, statements, etc. Working my field I see it daily.

    Keep the positivity flowing sir it is what keeps me coming back for sure!

    The phone is "interesting" I am a big phone lover but I could see this as a "side piece" MAYBE? BE GREAT TODAY!

  5. In all honesty I wasn't even aware of the situation. I saw the video thumbnail and the device caught my eye.
    1. I love tech and I respect companies who try to inovate and try new things.
    2. The form factor is different and I would like to see what is in-store for this device.
    3. As for Andy himself, again I didn't know anything about his past and won't make any conclusions or judgements until I do some research on my own. Irrelevantly to what others may say.
    4. Many hours of research and work have been put into this device by a great amount of hard working individuals and they deserve to see the product they believe in succeed.

  6. That's exactly how I feel about 1) the device, and 2) Andy Rubin. Great video J!

    Eclectic is the perfect word for this kind of tech. There's a lot of companies that hide or do dirt that we all know of, including Google and their relationship with Andy, but all eyes are only on Andy?? Strange, but like you said, positivity should be emphasized and tech should be compartmentalized people's personal lives.

  7. It would have been nice if you would have been more specific as to the tech we should be excited about. I was on board with his first phone from the very mention of it. Unfortunately it never worked successfully on T-Mobile in my area but I loved every aspect of the phone. I still do.

  8. Exactly I 💯 agree with you people like judging I really don't care about their personal lives all I care about is the tech part. If R Kelly brought out a new phone I would buy it and wouldn't care about his personal life.

  9. I love my Essential phone, and I like the look of this phone. I am all about the tech, no matter who brings it to me. I want the future, and if it is this company, Samsung or Apple, as long as we get new tech, then it is all good to me.

  10. Super narrow phone huh? I really like this. I didn't think anything would get narrower than an Xperia 10, but I love the idea of narrow phones because they're so much easier to use on the go. And wow those colors are beautiful.

  11. I never stopped being amazed by the tech Steve Jobs announced no matter what terrible things he may have been doing in the background, and this is no different. A single person’s character won’t change how good a product is. The product’s impact may outlive that actual person.

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