Marketing Gimmick? Gaming Phone questions answered! – (Red Magic 3S)

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The Red Magic 3S is coming out outside of Asia this week, and this presented a great opportunity to answer your hard questions regarding gaming phones using this Snapdragon 855 Plus device. Is it worth it for games like PUBG mobile and COD mobile?

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34 thoughts on “Marketing Gimmick? Gaming Phone questions answered! – (Red Magic 3S)”

  1. Microtransactons in a free game aren't bad in themselves, its these nasty design choices that come with them that ruin the game:
    *Unbalanced gameplay
    *Unnecessary RPG stat systems in games that don't need it
    *Excessive tutorials and prompts telling you to buy things
    *Wait timers
    *Forcing you to play in 3rd person view so you get tired of having the "default" skin
    *Mandatory internet connection/multiplayer
    *Over-reliance on consumable items (gems, gold, potions, etc)
    *Constantly pressuring players to upgrade this or that
    *Closed ended gameplay with less choice of play style (eg. taking away archery/stealth)

  2. Does no one ever bring up emulators like dolphin please I need to know if any of these phones are powerful enough for my GameCube library. Or give me a chance at Wii games.

  3. They are finally getting to the point where they are useful for gaming. Fortnight and call of duty mobile are actually pretty good. Really surprised me after 10 years of angry bird kind of games.

  4. "Getting wild in trying to differentiate" except they all make the same as thin as possible, smallest possible bezels, notched, 5.5-7" screen phones. They'll give a phone a "gamer aesthetic" and market it as a gaming phone, but making a phone with a comfortable amount of bezel and 4.5-5.2" screen is apparently a bit too wild to try.

  5. Man this year sure is great, I got a pc for 420$ that has an i7 3770, an Rx580 8gb,16 gb of ram but with a sleeper case
    Another pc for 300$ with an i5 and a rx570 but I will always stay in this channel
    Sooo what do y'all think of these deals?

    And no I don't live in a country full of used parts and great deals

  6. I wish this much effort would be put into laptop batteries. They always suck.
    12 GB of RAM though? This is just marketing to idiots and to those who need phallic compensation.

  7. A physical fan and temperature monitoring? Sounds like you need to try rooting and overclocking it as far as you can go! There was a lot of discussion before regarding who the target audience for Stadia would be, and this phone seems to appeal to that same audience.

  8. Gaming phones seems like a stupid idea to me, you can also get a android phone with high specs or a iPhone with some specs and play games on there. A gaming phone for me is like you pick a good android phone, slap some RGB on it, and give it a good display and call it a day. I keep it on my iPhone.

    If you use a android I'm fine with its, its your choice!

  9. Man at almost $700 it's a hard sell for me. I usually get the Samsung flagship when I get a new phone and they cost almost half that much because I always wait for a sale. Besides the price there is the fact that the air vents automatically make this phone subject to water damage. The volume and power button placement are terrible for those of us who use controllers with phone clips as they are right in the middle of the phone. The accessories will be limited and more expensive as well since it's not a mainstream device. I have a case and holster for my phone which I consider mandatory and would not have a phone without one so all the RGB stuff would be covered up anyway.

  10. I give CoD mobile, and many other mobile games, a pass on microtransactions because they're free. Full version CoD and other payed for titles can jump off a single story building for having microtransactions

  11. I find mobiles very unwieldy to play, and the screen is so small, or maybe I am too old.
    Anyway, there is a big market for these gaming phones because a lot of people in countries like China are more used to play on them than on PC or consoles which were less affordable or had less applications than phones for a better price.

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