The Diana Story: Part III: Legacy of Love

A late night phone call from Paris brought news that would rock
the world. The sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana
devastated millions. Hear what it was really like to be at the eye
of the storm, as Diana’s closest friend and confidant shares his
story of heartbreak and farewell.


21 thoughts on “The Diana Story: Part III: Legacy of Love”

  1. I buried my 49 year old mother, Joan, the day before this happened. I was just getting in a phase of "why her"? When princesses Diana died, it made it clear. It didn't matter how beautiful you were. How rich, famous, admired or not. This is just life. My mom smoked, there were consequences. (She passed from lung cancer.) Diana got in a car, with an unknown person who was drunk. She was trying to escape a mob of people who's only interests were to make money off of her. …. Consequences…. Free will. Diana's horrible death was a consequence of her life's choices. As we're my mother's.

  2. I think Paul was the best person to feature in this documentary. He was really able to shed light on her life like no one else could. It's obvious he cared about her as well. He was able to give her back the dignity that she lost being a part of the 'Royal Family.'

  3. I was very young when Diana died, so I couldn't understand the gravity of it. But I distinctly remember my mom crying and seeing the pretty "blonde lady", as I apparently called her, on the news. She had watched Diana's wedding with the rest of the world. Fast forward and I've now watched both of her sons marry along with the rest of the world. It's nice to see the boys who had to endure walking behind their mother's coffin while strangers around them wept for her, doing so well as men. Diana would be proud.

  4. Let me guess: The letter that she hand wrote to Paul was taken by MI6/burned/lost/vanished. Funny how people come up with such specific details when the subject dies. RIP Diana but Paul's full of it.

  5. Why didn’t Paul show the letter Diana wrote to her sons?! They stuck by that dumbo Charles side and his pig mother who is not fit to even be called a queen. Then he should have released the letter to the press so the accident could have been more investigated. Rich/royal or not they should have been prosecuted just like any other murderer. Rest in paradise Queen Diana. The boys grew beautifully only because of you! One day you will have your justice!

  6. She tried to live the beautiful dream we all have, and against such odds. It finally got her in the end. She dared to believe. I respect her a great deal as a great human.

  7. I wonder if the guy who was telling this story had also fallen for the princess…. maybe he loved her as a friend. But his wife jealousy might have been because she noticed he took an particular interest in her. Regardless, he talks about her so beautifully and its nice to hear this side of the story. The prince killed her…. he wanted to remarry and its super annoying that he can’t pay the price cause he is royal (protected ). She was murdered 🙁

    Also, why is the queen even smiling at 19:08 ?🧐😒

  8. Here in America we mourned greatly over Princess Diana.
    The night she died I went to a shrine someone had made to her in the neighborhood. I will never forget that night. We were in painful mourning, inconsolable.
    We needed to be around people who were so deeply mourning her too, to try to momentarily release our pain.
    It was a deeply shared experience. I still cant accept her death. I never wilI. I dont know if it's just the British reserve but I remember thinking in those days of her death that we were genuinely suffering over Diana's death but it didnt seem like Diana's mother was. The mother acted in a way that stunned me. I didnt get the feeling that she loved Diana.
    We love Diana so very, very deeply.

  9. Diana reported. That she felt and probably experienced some kind of belief that Charles was going to have her killed, most likely in a car wreck. I think she likely was blessed with a talent that allowed her to see her future. She only spoke of it in the car crash she believed would happen. She was a beautiful, loving and gifted person who was put on this earth for a very specific reason and that was to share her love with her wonderful sons and the entire world. Thank you to the Narrator of all three of these excellent videos and also for being such a wonderful friend to her. You will meet her again when you get to Heaven ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Proof that white privilege is a total scam. She was a white princess and she died being chased like a dog, stripped of her title, dusrespected, cheated on and now utterly forgotten by the royal family as Parker bowles camilla is embraced. Disgusting.

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