Truck Drivers BEWARE! New phone SCAM targets Truckers

Truck drivers BEWARE! New phone SCAM targets Truckers. Fmcsa is reporting that many truckers are falling for this new phone SCAM. Beware of trucking scams.

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18 thoughts on “Truck Drivers BEWARE! New phone SCAM targets Truckers”

  1. Got a email like this 2 months after updating the mcs150 and the 1 yr audit. Anything like this go directly to fmcsa website to check your status. If there's a way there's a scumbag trying to scam you or Jack up your credit.

  2. Your social security number shows you have committed fraud and we are gonna lock you up. Or the other one is your failure to pay your social security account has been deemed to shut your social security card off until payment is received. Too speak to a rep press 1. Lol ya i am not buying it. I hang up.

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  5. Great, yet another organization that's attempting to reach their slimy hands deep in truck driver's pockets. When it comes to something like this the quote "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" comes to mind.

    Unless it's an official letter that came directly from my local DMV receiving something like this would go directly in the trash. Calls from unknown numbers? They get blocked. Calls received without a voicemail that aren't in my contacts list? They get blocked. Unknown emails are immediately marked as spam. With as many scammers that there are in the world (especially on the other side of the world) you can't trust anyone. Who falls for stuff like this anyway? The last scammer that called me with that thick foreign accent trying to pose as an American with an American name got their feelings hurt pretty bad.

  6. Any scam like this is easy to defeat. Rule number 1 NEVER give personal information over the phone. And I mean NEVER. It's 2019 if you get scammed over the phone you are a dumbass period and kinda deserve it. Sorry if that pisses you off but it's true.

  7. Something about dot and fmcsa puts drivers on edge. Its no wonder, driving is their livelihood. Can't really blame them cause drivers are getting slammed by those agency's all the time. So why wouldn't they fall for the scam. God Bless To All You Drivers.

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