Ups & Downs From WWE Hell In A Cell 2019

Simon Miller is back with all the ups and downs from last nights annual Hell In A Cell PPV.

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44 thoughts on “Ups & Downs From WWE Hell In A Cell 2019”

  1. They say vince dictated the event specificly the main event and was caught laughing when the crowd booed . maybe the whole thing is a planned to suck to push toward another attitude era. To compete with aew

  2. "If you leave after one bad booking decision, you were never a fan of wwe to begin with" x 100

    This is the most common counter-argument i've faced when i have spoke about my opinion of WWE. I have followed this carwreck of a wrestling promotion since i was 7: that was 17 years ago.

    Wwe hasn't made me feel like a kid for years. Aew made me feel like that with only of couple solid PPV's and two tv shows. Im not jumping ship, im just disappointed how wwe has changed from being the best thing ever on friday and monday nights to a show that doesnt care about storylines, talent or THAT YOU FUCKING DO A REF-FUCKING-STOPPAGE IN HELL IN A CELL"!!!!??

    Rant over.

    Vince and creative basically brought AEW on a silver platter for me.

  3. How would we give the title to The Fiend "even for a month"? That means we would have to take it off of him at the end of that month.

  4. all you wwe fans are the true dopes!! you all except this crap and continue to give them your eyes..want better shit!!!! stop watching you dopes

  5. I don't understand why they have so many different announce teams and I don't mean all the ones from other countries.

    Why do they switch the teams every match? It just seems so unnecessary.

  6. Saw this on another video, and bear with me here:

    What if the finish wasn't shit? What if it was the Fiend's purpose to get Seth Rollins to snap? In doing so he 'let the Fiend in'.

    What if his purpose is to get Seth to become one of his followers, or fireflies? And ultimately to consume the entire roster.

    Notice how he got straight back up after the beating. He didn't want to win the match, he wanted to break Seth Rollins in order to let him in. Now he's done that.

    If Seth becomes his first follower I can see this storyline being saved. And it has potential. But then this is WWE…

  7. How to revive Bray Wyatt…1. Turn Seth heel 2. Move Big E to Raw in draft and have him win Universal Title from Seth (TLC will do) 3. Fiend at Royal Rumble number 30 4. Seth wins Royal Rumble via heel shenanigans 5. Seth becomes arrogant saying how he's going to burn down Big E at WM36 with no response from Fiend at all (no TV appearance at all but maybe a few of those subliminal messages sporadically) 6. Fiend appears at Fastlane and kayfabe puts Big E on the shelf before replacing him for vacant title match (which should be HIAC) against Seth – Upside to the above is heel vs heel at WM36, Big E gets a rub after leaving New Day, Seth is actually entertaining again as a heel and the Fiend finally gets a high profile match which he wins!

  8. it doesn't make sense for them to have a ppv call hell in cell because they could have that match on any other ppvs also the elimination chamber could be a match on the fast lane ppv

  9. I didn't see the end of the match as a disqualification, I saw it as more the ref thought the Fiend was knocked out and called it for his safety. It still could have ended better, of course

  10. You have so many chances where you can give a down. Or even give an up. And don't. You even got upset at the show and still gave them more ups than downs, and talked about how upset you were about the show. I now feel really petty about a video. But really, I could bet on you giving more ups than downs and have a second income.

  11. I’m sorry but these ups and downs shows are horrible they make no sense and follow no logic just like the ppv itself.

    Simon is funny and talented but bc amplified is the guy to watch for honesty and knowledge, think this is just a plug or I’m lying? Watch one video and you will agree.

  12. Liv Morgan will probably come back as a masked Harley Quinn clown type, reamp bray and herself before brand split or sometime after through draft show or next raw. They are trying to just elongate shot but the usual booking yourself into a corner they try to tell badly booked stories and rely too much on the next move to correct there own mistakes

  13. only in the new wwe world can we have a match called hell in a cell where anything goes supposedly only to have it end with a disqualification 2years in a row.

    what kind of logic or lack there of was used in the creative meeting.

    how can the ref stop a hell in the cell because its to violent , hhh used sledgehammes all the time,and undertaker has thrown people of the cage on multiple occasion and it was never stopped.
    so what was the reason behind it?
    genuinely someone though this was a good idea to implement with out clearly thinking it through.

    this is the reason why fans say the product is lackluster and lackadaisical .

    wwe doesnt even care to follow its own rules.

    and please stopshoving charlotte down our throats she doesnt always have to be champion all the time.. and thats nothing against her but ,20 titles reigns with in the next 2 years is just ridiculous. i am going to need some quality title runs from her and not these quick title runs just so we can say shes the 20 time champion

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